About this Episode

The  boys have sold their soul and Boris has a new book...finally, it's the episode you bitches have been waiting for. From self isolation bunkers across the globe Fredo, Tuggs and Boris break down everything that hasn't been happening in motorcycle racing - which is a lot - plus welcome Held Motorcycle Gear on board as sponsor of the show.  Click the link for a $50 discount on their flagship Titan Evo Gloves (just put MotoPG in the promo code at checkout) or take a peek at the rest of their range while you're there. Meanwhile, if you're stuck in isolation and riding motorcycles isn't considered essential for you by the PM the way it is for Boris, then let the big man entertain you with his latest book The Wisdom Of The Road Gods. There's loads of flowery shit about it on the cover but you bitches don't need all that because you know that if it's Boris, it's good. So just go buy it. Now.