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It's the gift that keeps on giving and the boys are here to keep on taking. Boris, Tugg and Freido comb through the debris of another crazy weekend of racing then, thanks to our sponsors at Made In Germany, MOTO PG listeners have access to one of the best deals this century. 25% off any Schuberth helmet, Held gloves and apparel and Daytona boots ONLY for our listeners. The deal goes from September 1-4 (Father's Day anyone?) and to get the special price you have to ring or email and mention MOTO PG. The phone number is 1300 916 916 or email [email protected]. To see the range head to the Held Australia website. And while you're listening to Boris Tug and Feido , visit the MOTO PG website where you can help make the team rich by buying something in the shop. Even better, make a regular contribution by signing up to the Patreon Pit Crew and getting access to bonus content and a bunch of other great stuff. What are you waiting for?

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com