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There's just two spots left for our inaugural MOTOPG Live Podcast Tour to Walcha and Port Macquarie and chances are they'll be gone by the time you read this. So that means there's no time to waste: if you want to be a part of it text - DON'T CALL - our Tour operator on 0412 859 008. Send your name and email address and you, too, could be part of the greatest ride in the history of rides including an up close and personal interview with Daniel and Alex Cudlin and Australia's first ever glove throwing competition. Go to our page on the Book of Faces here to find out more then text 0412 859 008 to be a part of it.

Now, back to normal programming and the usual stuff we put in here...

There's a new world champion and his mum is the hottest mum of any world champion in any motor sport ever. Freido, Tug and Boris are here to hail Joan Mir (and his hot mum) after another fascinating week of racing. More important, though, there's news about Velocity Vehicle Care (who still want Billy Van Eerde to be Australia's next Mick Doohan) with several shops coming on board to stock the product in individual cans. Remember, every dollar they raise goes to helping Billy chase his Moto GP dream and all you have to do is buy some of their magic bike cleaning stuff by calling 1300 990 074 and tell them we sent you. If you can't afford a whole case of cleaner (the only way to get it at the moment) join our campaign to get it into as many shops as possible by heading to our Facebook Page and following the instructions there. Meanwhile, what's the point of a beautifully presented bike if the rider looks like shit? Don't be that person. Buy the best race suits and gloves going around from Held Australia and pay 30% less then the schmucks who don't listen to us. To get the special price you have to ring or email and mention MOTO PG. The phone number is 1300 916 916 or email [email protected]. To see the full range head to the Held Australia website. And while you're listening to Boris Tug and Freido, visit the MOTO PG website where you can help make the team richer by buying something in the shop. Even better, make a regular contribution by signing up to the Patreon Pit Crew and getting access to bonus content and a bunch of other great stuff. What are you waiting for?

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