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We love our fans and especially our Patreon supporters. We really do. But there's no diplomatic way to say this people - collectively, your'e not the sharpest tools in the shed. We are having a competition. A brilliant competition, actually. A competition so good even Trump would admit it's better than any competition he's ever held because the prize is sex cannons. Yes, you heard right, SC Project sex cannons to the value of $5000. You wouldn't think it would be hard to give away, would you? But it is. Because you've let us down, sadly. You either can't or don't read instructions and hence, we have a digital sack full of useless entries that don't answer the question. And that makes it difficult for us to give away the sex cannons. Do you see the problem? So because we are generous, here are some examples of how NOT to enter the competition. Listen to them. Then read the instructions. Then try to get it right. And if we do all that properly one lucky listener is about to be the sexiest bastard in their family/office/friend circle/the pub they drink at. etc. So get to it if you want that person to be you.

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