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There are three categories of Motorcycle racer. There are gods (which is all of them, even the Captain) there are aliens (Marquez, Rossi, Jorge etc) and then there is our guest on Ep 118, Mat Mladin. There are no words that really capture the essence of Mladin though thousands have been used to try. This interview is everything you would hope for and more and while we say a huge thanks (again) to Mat for taking part it is YOU, the listener, who should be thanking US for making it happen. You can do that a number of ways like buying Boris's books, joining our Patreon Pit Crew, telling your friends about us or simply sending us money. Or all of the above. (But if you can only do one, choose sending the money). And don't forget to enter our incredible SC Projects competition to win up to $5000 worth of sex cannon godliness from our major sponsor and great supporters, SC Projects.

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